lawyer is a person who is appointed by someone else whether legal or real to do something. lawyer should study law in the university. A lawyer usually works in his personal office. Students of law usually pass their training period with a professional lawyer until they can their best work in the future. Working as a lawyer involves pragmatic application of abstract legal knowledge and theories to solve special individualized problems or to progress the interest of those who hire lawyers to do legal services.

The duty and role of the lawyer changes greatly across legal jurisdiction and therefore it can be treated here in only the most general terms. Advocacy is an allowable contract which is concluded in framework of civil law provisions and the parties of it called lawyer and client.

People can contact a lawyer for advice if they have any problem regarding the law. People who have legal problems can hire a professional lawyer to start a case against someone else and also solve their problems or to help with the case that has been started against them. The lawyer will represent their client in court if the case goes to court. The lawyers should convince the court that his client is on the right side of the argument by using his knowledge of the law. Lawyer also helps people stay out of court. It means that both side of argument agree to a punishment ahead of time, therefore there is no need to go to trial.

When a person is accused of a fault or crime, he should hire a defense lawyer to defend him and the lawyer should try to prove that his client has not committed a crime. The lawyer who argue that his client did do the crime is called prosecutor. Lawyers to defend their client should prepare legal document for them. Lawyers usually work in several context and different settings. Some of them work in law firms while some work by themselves. Also some lawyers work for private companies and hospitals. The lawyer who works for private companies is usually called in house counsel.

In general, lawyers appoint a fee for the work that they do for their client but sometimes they do not get any money for advice and advice is free for some of their client. In many countries if a person doing wrong and accused of a failure or crime and unable to pay the wage of lawyer, the government will pay the lawyer to represent them using tax money. +Both lawyer and client have some commitment and responsibilities. In this article we describe some of them for you.

Commitments of a lawyer

In most countries, especially in civil law countries, there has been a custom of giving many legal obligations to a variety of notaries, scriber and clerks. There are different kinds of lawyer. One of the most important of them is family lawyer. In general, science of law is divided into different branches and the most important of them is rights of family. Family has a special importance in the society and a healthy community require a healthy family. According to family status in human societies, the rights of family are also important subjects. In this article we want to describe the importance and necessity of family lawyer. We should refer to the specialist in any case but unfortunately many people know themselves as specialist in many cases and want solve their problems lonely. But in many cases they cannot do anything and finally they should refer to a lawyer.

It seems that law is a simple course but it is not a good idea and the course of law is full of exact points that only a specialist lawyer can do them. Judicial procedure and experiment is very important in this field.

A family lawyer is a lawyer who in a continuous way and by passing lot of years has been in family courts and surveys and studies different types of family case. You should aware that some time an inexpert lawyer can lead his client to failure and in some case can make serious problem for his client, so you should select a skillful lawyer and also you should know that a good lawyer has an important effect in many parts of your life. Therefore, we can say only legal information in family courts is not enough. Being familiar with procedure of initial court, revision and supreme court has an important role in victory of court. The family lawyer should have up to date information about his case oh his client and also perfect studies about everything to defend his client.  The best family lawyer not only should be confidant of client secret but also clear the facts for him. A good lawyer should not disappoint his client and also avoid from giving unreal hope to him.

In many times before the issue can be orally argued, lawyer brief a court in writing the issue in a case. Maybe they have to do intensive inquiry into related facts. Also these researches are drafting legal papers and they should prepare for an oral argument.

For example in Spain, the procurator only signs the paper and present them to the court but the sponsor or advocate drafts the papers and argue about the case. But in England the procedure is that a lawyer will obtain the reality of the case from his client and then brief a counselor. Then the counselor drafts and researches the necessary court pleadings and orally argue about the case.

In Japan, a clerk or scrivener will fill out the forms of court and prepare simple papers for lay persons who cannot pay the wage of lawyer or do not need lawyer and advice and help them to argue and manage their own cases.

Advocacy is done in two kinds of oral and written in administrative hearings. In most developed countries, the parliament or legislature has donated original jurisdiction over highly technical subjects to executive branch administrative agencies which oversee such cases. So some lawyers have become expert in ministerial law.

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